Kids watching birds on the beach in Homer, Alaska.

Scouting for Wildlife

Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Education Specialist leads group on intertidal exploration.

Coastal Field Trip

Kachemak Bay Research Reserve Discovery Lab.

Learning in the Lab

Kids with binoculars on the beach in Homer, Alaska.

Binoculars for Everyone

Refuge WWII education program.

Class Visits

Lab Classroom

Lab Work


Planning Field Trips in Homer
Tide Tables
Tidepooling Etiquette Hand-out for Kids
Educator's Guide and Seek & Find
Alaska Seabird Curriculum
Podcast - Summer on Aiktak

Helping Students Appreciate the Marine Environment

The Alaska Islands and Ocean Visitor Center is a partnership between Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge and the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve, dedicated to understanding and conserving the marine environment. Both partner organizations at Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center offer educational programs.

Reservations, Booking & Inquiries

To schedule an educational program at Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center, please contact the organization offering the specific sessions you are interested in:


The facilities at Alaska Islands & Ocean are set up to support you with your learner group:

Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge

For a full description of our student programs, please go to

Grades Marine Habitat Marine Wildlife Maritime History & Culture
K-2 Intertidal Life Exploration BB

Do Birds Wear Underwear? IOVC
Otterly Wonderful Otters IOVC



Hula Hoop Ecology IOVC
Intertidal Life Exploration BB

"Club Mud” Shorebirds MB
Seabird Adaptations IOVC


World War II in the Aleutians IOVC

6-8 Intertidal Life Exploration BB
Nature Photo Workshop IOVC

Waterbird Lab IOVC
GPS & Seabird Science IOVC
Marine Mammals of Alaska IOVC


Footprints on an Ancient Land IOVC

9-12 Intertidal Life Exploration BB
Nature Photo Workshop IOVC

Seabirds & Climate Change IOVC
Alaska’s Endangered Species IOVCTrespassers in Nature IOVC



IOVC-Islands & Ocean Visitor Center... BB-Bishop’s Beach... MB-Mud Bay...


Kachemak Bay Research Reserve

Wednesday, August 15, 2012 from 8am – 4pm is the Kachemak Bay Research Reserve’s environmental education BookingBlitz day for the 2012-13 school year. This is our 1-day, call-in booking system for KBRR student programs. Program reservations will be made that day on a first-call, first-booked basis. We will have a limited number of spaces available (6 – 8 total) for student groups to visit our Discovery Labs in each of the 6 months we offer programming. ** Call Carmen at 907-226-4659 on this date, regardless of which school district you are in, so you don’t miss a field trip opportunity next school year. If the phone line is busy, please leave a message with your name, school, and phone number…messages will be answered in the order in which they were received.

** Teachers will be allowed to book no more than 2 Discovery Lab time slots on the BookingBlitz day (this limit does not include Estuary Hikes and Careers in Marine Science programs). Any additional Discovery Lab bookings may be made with Carmen by calling the above phone number or emailing Carmen after September 5, 2012.

For homeschool parents/teachers, we will provide Discovery Lab, Estuary Ecology Hike, and Careers in Marine Science programs for groups of 10 or more students.

Program details
Monthly topics for the 2012-13 school year have not yet been chosen; we will make these available here when finalized.

In addition to our monthly Discovery Lab-based student programs, we offer the following coastal science programs:

1-hour outdoor Estuary Ecology Hike in April and May 2013 (pre-school through 12th grade)
1-hour indoor Careers in Marine Science program (for 4th - 12th grade)

For a full description of our student programs, please go to

Tide Tables

Start planning now for spring field trips to the coast! We have extreme tides, but some are more extreme than others. View the Kachemak Bay tide tables to see how extreme they are!

Alaska Seabird Curriculum

The Alaska Seabird Curriculum book offers lots of useful information for teachers!

Summer on Aiktak Podcasts

Are you briniging students to Homer?

Ease your trip planning, learn what programs are offered and expand your experience while in Homer by clicking on:



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